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bogalusa medical center
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Patient Education classes and description

Diabetes Wellness Program:

A comprehensive wellness program designed to educate patients diagnosed with Diabetes. This program offers instruction on medications, self care guidelines, daily modalities, lifestyle modification, and nutritional guidelines. Physician referral is required. 985-730-7016 for details.

Healthy Heart Class:

A 1.5 hour program based on information from the American Heart Association. This program offers instruction on heart disease, treatments and medications for heart disease, self management tools, and healthy heart diet instruction. Registration is required. 985-730-6773 for details.

Prenatal Class:

A 2-part group class designed to instruct the expecting mother on the process of labor and delivery, breastfeeding, newborn care and postpartum recovery. Our prenatal class is offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6-8 pm. Includes a tour of our Special Beginnings Unit. Registration is required. 985-730-6773 for details.

Diabetic Support Group:

A free, monthly support group for those diagnosed with Diabetes or for those who care for a loved one with Diabetes. Professional speakers are profiled monthly, to provide the latest information on self-management of Diabetes. Our group meets on the second Tuesday of each month from 11-12 noon at the Bogalusa Y.W.C.A. Registration is not required. 985-730-7016 for details.

Lifestyle Balance Class:

A 2 hour class taught by a registered dietitian and a physical therapist. Covers basic diet and physical activity tips for slow healthful changes to allow you to lose weight and increase your energy levels. Attendance in this class requires provider referral. Successful completion of the basic 2 hour class may qualify you to enroll in the 12 week Lifestyle Balance Program. For further details or to register call:  985-730-7177.

1:1 Instruction Sessions:

Offered on an individual basis for instruction on nutrition, insulin administration, and/or glucometer training. Requires physician referral. 985-730-7016 for details.

Physical Therapy Back School:

Instruction offered by our Physical Therapist on basic anatomical structure including instruction on body mechanics, posture, stretching, and lifting techniques. 985-730-6892 for details.