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UMC Named Hospital of the Year for Respiratory Care

Peggy Pennison, RRT, RPFT, holds the award for Hospital of the Year. Glenn Craig, UMC Associate Administrator, and Melissa Castille, RRT, are behind her. (click photo to enlarge)

Lafayette -- For the second year in a row, University Medical Center (UMC) in Lafayette has been named the Hospital of the Year for Respiratory Care for hospitals with less than 200 beds by the Louisiana Society for Respiratory Care (LSRC).

The LSRC recognized UMC for having highly qualified respiratory therapists (RRTs) who possess high levels of competence and professionalism and a well coordinated RT department available around the clock at UMC.

“The ongoing recognition of the UMC Respiratory Therapy Department by experts outside of UMC speaks to the high level of care that our RT Department provides,” said Larry Dorsey, UMC Hospital Administrator. “Our RT Department also has a superior facility, which allows them to provide the best possible care.”

UMC has a Pulmonary Function Lab, Bronchoscopy Lab and Sleep Lab.

The UMC respiratory-therapist retention rate of 97 percent, an impressive indicator of the staff’s high level of dedication, complements their high skill level.

Eighty-eight percent of UMC therapists are registered respiratory therapists. All therapists have certification for Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Life Support.

“Being recognized with this award two years straight illustrates the dedication our respiratory staff has in serving our patients. It shows the public not only the high standards we hold our employees to, but also the high standards they hold themselves to,” said Peggy Pennison, RRT, RPFT, UMC cardiopulmonary manager. “It is because of these standards and employees that we are able to deliver the high quality care our patients deserve.”

Dr. Fadi Malek is the UMC respiratory therapy medical director.

UMC RRTs work closely with physicians to extend great care through accurate diagnosis and effective, individualized treatment. UMC RRTs, physicians, and nurses work together as a team to bring outstanding care to the patients’ bedside for a safe and quick recovery.

UMC respiratory therapists are available twenty-four hours of the day. The quick response and critical thinking of RRTs lead to countless survivals. Whether healthcare requires complete ventilatory support, education, or maintenance, the clinicians at UMC are always ready to make breathing easier or even to completely breathe for their patients.

The UMC Respiratory Therapy Department also recently earned Quality Respiratory Care Recognition (QRCR) from the American Association for Respiratory Care. The QRCR designation ensures quality respiratory care in a hospital and helps patients and families make informed decisions about the quality of the respiratory care services available at the institution of their choice.

About 700 hospitals in the United States, or approximately 15 percent, have received the QRCR designation, which places UMC among the elite for respiratory care in the nation, reflecting the high level of respiratory expertise at UMC.