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LSU Hospitals Win Awards at Annual Forum

LJCMC staff at the annual forum included, in the first row, Penny Cuneo, RN, Dr. Mary Eschete, and Peggy Glanders, RN, and Shane Robichaux, RN, Rhonda Green, RN, CEO, and Pam Wright, RN.

Baton Rouge -- The thirteenth annual LSU Healthcare Effectiveness Forum recognized achievements of hospitals throughout the LSU Health Care Services Division (HCSD). The Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center Infection Prevention and Control Program received the TRRRAQSSS Award for its hospital improvement project “Reducing Surgical Site Infections Through Basic Practices.”

Under the direction of Dr. Mary Eschete, this exemplary project has significantly improved patient outcomes. It reduced the number of surgical site infections by more than 32 percent and reduced the number of readmissions due to such infections by more than 31 percent.

The project also resulted in total cost savings of more than $438,000 due to the reduced number of surgical site infections and a total cost savings of more than $306,000 due to the reduced number of readmissions for further interventions for surgical site infections.

The TRRRAQSSS Award is given to a program that significantly improves any dimension of the core components of HCSD’s mission: teaching, revenue, resources, research, access, quality, service, stakeholder satisfaction, or safety. The award recognizes an excellent collective effort or project, must be at or significantly associated with an HCSD facility, must be able to show measurable benefits and outcomes, and must be able to be replicated. The name of the award is the acronym of the items in the aforementioned series, and the award is given based on competitive applications from the hospitals.

Dr. Michael Kaiser, HCSD CMO, on the left, presents the CMO Award to Amir Abrams.


Amir Abrams, IT Project Coordinator, received the Chief Medical Officer Award for his superior work on LSU medical informatics and Clinical Inquiry, also known as CLIQ, a web-based application that provides to clinicians in real time all patient information that is available electronically, such as medical history, lab-test results, pharmaceutical prescription records, operative and consultation notes, pathology, cardiology, radiology, and electromyography reports, and more—all that is essential for the best medical care.

Rhonda Green, RN, MBA, MHCM, Hospital Administrator for Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center (LJCMC), received the Chief Executive Officer Award for the leadership she exhibits at LJCMC. She and her staff have developed a patient-centered hospital and have cultivated an environment where everyone always puts the patient first.

Bogalusa Medical Center (BMC) and LJCMC received the Clinical Excellence in Cancer Screening Award. Dr. Brent Hemelt, with LJCMC, received the Cancer Screening Clinical Lead Award.

BMC and Earl K. Long Medical Center (EKLMC) received the Clinical Excellence in Asthma Care Award. Dr. Nereida Parada, with University Medical Center (UMC), received the Asthma Care Clinical Lead Award.

LJCMC and Dr. Walter O. Moss Regional Medical Center (WOMRMC) received the Clinical Excellence in HIV Care Award. Dr. Wayne Wilbright, HCSD Chief Information Officer/Chief Medical Information Officer, and the HCSD Informatics Team received the HIV Clinical Lead Award.

UMC received the Chronic Kidney Disease Clinical Lead Award.

BMC and LJCMC received the Clinical Excellence in Chronic Heart Failure Care Award. Cindy Arabie, RN, WOMRMC, received the Chronic Heart Failure Clinical Lead Award.

EKLMC received the Tobacco Control Clinical Lead Award.

Pam Lyons, MPH, LDN, RD, CDE, with Interim LSU Public Hospital, received the Weight Management Clinical Lead Award.

BMC received the QualED Clinical Lead Award.