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Healthcare providers (physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, clerks and others) play an important role in influencing smokers’ willingness to make a quit attempt.  The following are tools that should be used by all healthcare providers when treating patients that use tobacco.

Outpatient Referrals
Referrals within the LSU Health Care Services Division (HCSD) system should be routed to the Tobacco Control Initiative via documentation in Cliq when possible.  Referrals are retrieved regularly and patients are contacted for further TCI services.

Click here for instructions to complete a TCI referral via Cliq.

Providers within the LSU HCSD system without access to Cliq, as well as referrals from outside of the LSU HSCD system should complete this form.

EA Conway, Huey P. Long and LSU-S providers, please use this form.

Inpatient Referrals
TCI staff conducts one on one inpatient consultations (where applicable) with hospitalized patients who use tobacco. 

Contact your on-site TCI staff member for information on how to refer inpatients for TCI services.

Quit Line Referrals
The Louisiana Quit Line offers free confidential medical advice and support from certified smoking cessation counselors.  Proactive counseling is available via fax referral.  Click here for the Fax to Quit Referral form.

For assistance completing the form, call 1-866-457-7848.

Medication Prescribing Information
Use of
quit smoking aids is recommended for all tobacco users except in the presence of a medical contraindication. 

NOTE: While some medications can be effective alone, both pharmacotherapy and counseling can produce higher abstinence rates.  (Fiore, MC, Bailey WC, Cohen, SJ, et al.  Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence.  Clinical Practice Guidelines. Rockville MD: US Department of Health and Human Services. Public Health Service, June 2000; 71.)  Group and individual behavioral counseling is available through TCI and the Quit Line.  TCI provides face-to-face tobacco cessation services to LSU-HCSD and LSU-Shreveport patients, their employees and the communities they serve.  For more information on these services, click here.

Informational Material

Guide to Quit Smoking
The Guide to Quit Smoking flyer provides brief advice to people who are interested in information on how to quit tobacco use on their own.  To print the Guide to Quit Smoking flyer, click here.

TCI Tattler (Semi-Annual Newsletter for patients and staff)
The TCI Tattler newsletter is published twice per year (January and July) offering current news about tobacco and various topics related to quitting smoking.  To print out an issue of the newsletter.

Quit With Us

Quit With Us is a website filled with information and assistance to help smokers quit.  The site is operated by the Louisiana Tobacco Control Program and The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco Free Living.  Click here to link to



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