Life - LSU First Life Insurance Component - HCC Life (may be converted to a whole life policy)

The LSU First Health Plan includes a $25,000 group term life insurance policy with an additional $25,000 accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) rider for the employee/retiree only (not for dependents) that is issued and underwritten by HCC Life.

Active and retired employees who remain on the LSU First Plan
As long as you are covered under the LSU First Plan as an active employee or as a retiree, you will continue to be covered under this life benefit.  There is no need to convert this policy unless your LSU First coverage ends.  Please note that the benefits payable under this LSU First life benefit do decrease beginning at age 75.  More complete policy details are available at

Terminating employees and retirees who decline LSU First coverage
If your LSU First coverage terminates for any reason, you may choose to convert this life insurance coverage to a whole life policy.  Please note that this life insurance coverage does NOT continue while you are on COBRA continuation coverage of LSU First.  If you would like to convert this life coverage to an individual policy, please use this form:
Click here for 2013 HCC Life Conversion Form

Please note that all conversion requests MUST be submitted to HRMP within 31 days of the last day that you are covered under LSU First as an employee or retiree.  A portion of the application must be completed by your LSU employer, so please allow adequate time for processing.