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7500-13-General Guidelines, HIPAA Policy and Procedure

7501-13-Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information that Requires an Individual’s Written Authorization

7502-13-Designation of Privacy Officer and Complaint Contact

7503-13-Patient’s Right of Access to and Obtain a Copy of Their PHI

7504-13-Patient’s Right to Request a Restriction of the Uses and Disclosures of their PHI

7505-13-Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information for Facility Directory Purposes

7506-13-Patient’s Right to Request to Receive Confidential Communications by Alternative Means or at Alternative Locations

7507-13-Patient’s Right To Request An Accounting of Disclosures of their PHI

7508-13-Patient’s Right to Request an Amendment to their Protected Health Information

7509-13-Limited Data Set

7510-13-Use and Disclosure of PHI to Business Associates

7511-13-De-Identification Of PHI

7512-13-Minimum Necessary Standard For Use And Disclosure Of Protected Health Information

7513-13-Use And Disclosure Of Protected Health Information For Treatment, Payment And Health Care Operations

7514-13-Use And Disclosure Of Protected Health Information To Persons Involved In The Patient's Care And For Notification Purposes

7515-13-Notice of Privacy Practices

7516-13-Training and Education Requirements For Members Of LSU HCSD Workforce

7517-13-Use and Disclosure of PHI For Marketing Purposes

7518-13-Use and Disclosure of PHI For Fundraising

7520-10-Use And Disclosure of PHI For Research

7521-13-Administrative, Technical and Physical Safeguards

7523-13-Documentation Requirements

7524-13-General Policy On Uses And Disclosures of PHI

7525-10-Accounting of Disclosures Of Protected Health Information

7527-13-Mitigation After Improper PHU Use or Disclosure

7529-13-Designated Record Set