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5500-medical services

5501-12-Informed Consent

5506-11-Prisoner Care Utilization Management

5507-13-Diversion of Ambulance Patients

5508-13-Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependency

5509-11-Critical Events Reporting

5510-11-Responding To Emergency And Or Disaster Situations

5512-13-Breathalyzer Technology Use

5513-10-Point of Care Testing

5514-08-Explanation of Patient Satisfaction Distribution Protocol and Satistical Reporting Methods

5515-13-Standardization Policy

5516-12-Telemedicine Credentialing

5517-13-Reporting of Observation Hours

5518-11-HCSD Outpatient Medication Prescribing

5519-12-Physician Supervision of Hospital Therapeutic and Diagnostic Services (Hospital "Incident-To-Services")

5520-12-Photographing, Video Recording, Audio Recording, and Other Imaging of Patients, Visitors and Workforce Members


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