LSU HCSD 14th Annual Forum on Health Care Effectiveness

2010 TRRRAQSSS Applications (sort by facility)

Bogalusa Medical Center

Improving Diabetes Care with one Hemoglobin A1c (HgbA1C) Clinic Abstract | Full Application
Pediatric Exigency Assessment Competency Education (PEACE) Program Abstract | Full Application

Earl K Long Medical Center

The Children with Special Healthcare Needs Referral Tracking Project Full Application
Retinal Eye Screening Abstract | Full Application | Poster

Interim Louisiana Public Hospital

Improving Screening for Sexually-Transmitted Diseases in HCSD Abstract | Full Application
Improving Arrival to Doctor Time at ILH ED Abstract | Full Application

Lallie Kemp Regional Medical Center

Disease Management Overhaul Project Abstract | Full Application
Emergency Department (ED) Throughput Improvements Abstract | Full Application

Leonard J Chabert Medical Center

Blood Pressure Validation Study Abstract | Full Application
Reducing Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections through Bundling Abstract | Full Application
Promoting Medical Research In/For Rural America: A Realistic Magnum Opus Abstract | Full Application
Weight Management Program Abstract | Full Application | Poster

University Medical Center

Preventing Central Line Infection: Implementing the Central Line Care Bundle in the Intensive Care Unit Abstract | Full Application
Employee Health - Flu Vaccine Program Full Application
Integrating Patient Safety into the Organizational Framework: Implementing Patient Safety Initiative Program Abstract | Full Application
Prisoner Care Abstract | Full Application
UMC Partnership with the SMILE Community Action Agency to Provide Comprehensive Weight Management Abstract | Full Application

WO Moss Regional Medical Center

Improving the Delivery of Offender Care Full Application
Patient Care Delivery Full Application

Forum Poster Presentation

LSU HCSD Population Health Management Drilling Platform
LSU HCSD CHF Telehealth Project
Goal Attainment for Patients Admitted with Acute Mycardial Infarction
Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
Comparison of the CD4 Count in HIV-Infected Cigarette Smokers versus Non-Smokers
Employee Challenge Lifestyle Balance Program
Goal Attainment for Patients Admitted with Community Acquired Pneumonia
Access to Primary Care: ED Follow Up and Primary Referrals
Impact of Technology on Medication Safety in a Multi-Hospital System
Goal Attainment for Inpatient Health Failure Patients
Effect on Lipid Profiles of New Statin Prescriptions
Relationship of Mammography Screening Interval to Breast Cancer Tumor Stage at Diagnosis
LSU HCSD Medical Home Affiliation Emergency Department Survey
Obesity and Health: Health Care Providers Identify Practices and Barriers to Success
Pathology - ILH
Integrating Electronic Documentation of Tobacco Use and Treatment Into a "Safety Net" System
Using HIT to Monitor Provider Engagement and Tobacco Use Among Chronically Ill Patients in the Public Hospital System
Patient Perceptions of Provider Intervention and Treatment of Tobacco Use
Assessment of Low-Income Tobacco Users Acception Group Counseling to Quit
Using Clinical Data to Examine the Impact of Cigarette Tax Increase on Readiness to Quit Among Low-Income Smokers
Changes in Offender Care