HCSD Policies


4500 - HR Policies

4501-17-Accrual and Use of Leave for Classified Employees

4503-17-Sexual Harassment

4504-17-Grievance Policy for Classified Employees

4505-17-Equal Employment Opportunity

4506-17-Substance Abuse and Drug-Free Workplace

4507-17-Prohibition of Nepotism

4510-17-Driver Safety

4511-17- E-Mail


4515-17-Classified Employees Pay Policy

4521-17-Relocation Expenses

4522-17-Student Employment Policy

4527-17-General Solicitation


4530-17-Tuition Exemption

4531-17-Administrative On-Call

4532-17-Violence-Free Workplace

4533-17-Performance Evaluation System (PES) for Classified Employees

4534-18-Optional Pay

4535-17-Transitional Return To Work

4536-17-Human Resources Department Confidentiality

4537-17-Probational Status

4538-17- Verification of Hiring Credentials


4540-17-Unscheduled Absences

4541-17-Special Meals Policy

4544-17-Computer-Based On Line Training

4546-17-Separation of Employees-Classified- Unclassified

4547-18-Civil Service Rule 6.5 (g)- Hiring Based On Unique Qualifications-Credentials

4548-17-Disaster Pay

4549-17-Military Leave

4550-17-Salary Adjustments For Unclassified Employees Paid On A Monthly Basis

4551-17-Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)


4553-17-Salary Adjustments for Conversion From Classified or Unclassified Biweekly to Unclassified (Monthly) Status

4555-17-Medical Excuse

4556-17-Outside Employment

4558-17-Direct Deposit

4559-17-Background Investigative Inquiry

4560-17-Workplace Behavior Among Employees, Physicians, Contract Workers, Students or Volunteers

4561-17-Performance Evaluation System (PES) for Unclassified Employees

4563-17-Ebola Virus Disease

4565-17-Information Technology Violations and Disciplinary Actions

4566-17-Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy