The future

The new UMC
University Medical Center

The Future of Louisiana Healthcare, Graduate Medical Education and Bioscience Research

Project Description

The new, world-class, LSU-affiliated University Medical Center (UMC) in downtown New Orleans will feature best practices of evidence-based healthcare design. Hospital concourse patterns for the facility will allow for horizontal growth, according to these best practices. The foundation for growth at UMC already sits on solid ground with design plans for its ambulatory care building, a diagnostic and testing building, three bed towers, and a physical plant nearing completion.

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This 424-bed facility will provide single rooms for all patients, except for several behavioral health rooms, where co-occupancy will play a part in the therapy regimen. Employing best practices for healthcare design, the natural light-filled environment will transform the patient experience and attract to UMC the best and the brightest staff and students to study, learn and work there.

Classrooms in each department, on-call rooms for faculty and residents, and conference rooms will help UMC fulfill its mission of graduate medical education. As a major bioscience research center, UMC will be a key academic hub for LSU, Tulane, Xavier and nursing and healthcare training schools across South Louisiana.

Project Size

Besides the 424 patient beds, this essential tertiary healthcare center will have five trauma rooms, 76 emergency department stations, 26 behavioral health stations, 23 operating rooms, eight interventional suites, 186 clinical exam rooms, 31 treatment rooms, eight CT and four MR scan rooms, and 68 conference/classrooms.

A Catalyst for the Future

Louisiana will greatly benefit from UMC’s tremendous job creation during its construction and, upon completion, its permanent high-paying, professional-level positions. UMC will also anchor the developing biomedical research corridor, which will include a new U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, currently under design.

This tremendous economic engine will spark the creation of businesses serving the medical center, ranging from restaurants to retail establishments. UMC will jump-start the recovery effort and help rebuild the urban core, revitalizing a part of downtown New Orleans in severe decline before the devastation of Hurricane Katrina accelerated its downward spiral.

With this comprehensive academic medical center, LSU Health will fulfill its mission of providing the best healthcare services to the citizens of Louisiana and unrivaled graduate medical education to Louisiana’s future healthcare professionals throughout the twenty-first century.


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