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During 2013 and 2014, the LSU Health Care Services Division (HCSD) underwent a historic transformation as six of HCSD’s seven hospitals transitioned to public-private partnerships designed to support the HCSD mission by providing new resources for patient care and teaching.  The new partnerships include the following hospitals:

  • Earl K. Long Hospital in Baton Rouge
  • Interim LSU Public Hospital in New Orleans
  • Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center in Houma
  • University Medical Center in Lafayette
  • W.O. Moss Regional Medical Center in Lake Charles
  • Bogalusa Medical Center in Bogalusa

HCSD remains committed to working with our partners to maintain some of the critical success elements of our system. Each of the partners will be working with us on accountable care services, the required tools for the health care system of the future. We will also plan to maintain our Practice-Based Improvement Network and health care effectiveness programs, to assure we are continuously measuring against existing standards, identifying new medical evidence, and identifying and optimizing opportunities for improvement. Our clinics, under new management, will remain leaders in the development of medical homes and in the organization of care that is patient and family centered. 

LSU Ethics and Integrity Hotline