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Accountable Care Services

LSU HCSD provides and is coordinating Accountable Care Services (ACS). Programs for patient care that include chronic disease management, population health, and improvement science are important for quality health care delivery for patients across our state. In conjunction with multiple agencies the LSU HCSD  public-private partnerships are coordinating,  collaborating, studying and improving patient care. The use of ‘big data’ and analytics is allowing statewide quality metric development and advancement. ACS provides a learning collaborative to facilitate continual improvement.

Lead by the Clinical Coordination Committee (CCC), a team of clinical experts in population health and improvement science, the committee assists in implementation of evidence based guidelines and feedback on performance. HCSD Medical Informatics builds innovative electronic solutions to present care providers with actionable, relevant and up to date patient care information with a single-sign-on from multiple sources. Utilizing a new federated data warehouse model, the Informatics and Analytics teams provide data support for programmatic success. ACS works in conjunction with LSU Improving clinical Outcomes Network (ICON) which provides an infrastructure for intensely focused improvement studies. ICON enables medical resident, pilot and intermural projects which utilize economy of scale towards knowledge and translation of best practices.

Accountable Care Services is a truly innovative collaborative approach to health care delivery improvement. ACS utilizes data acquisition, data normalization and federation, evidence based improvement science, and translation of research to evidence based care provision, all towards increasing and improving the value of health care delivered to our patients.