Healthcare Effectiveness Toolbox

The tools in this toolbox are intended for LSU Health Care Services Division internal use only. If you have not been given explicit permission to use these tools, please leave this page.

Personify v1.0 enables users to transform patient-specific data between the CDW’s de-identified or encrypted values and the human-readable values found in the EHR. The tool provides three basic functions: (1) transform a multi-column de-identified data set into an identified data set with MRNs and no date offsets, (2) transform a multi-column identified data set with MRNs into a de-identified data set with date offsets, and (3) transform a single-column data set of encrypted values into unencrypted values. Personify operates on data sets in an Excel file format only, and requires those data sets to strictly follow the formatting requirements listed with each of the three functions. Please note, after clicking the link access to the Personify tool requires a double login.
PHM Configuration Audit Tool enables users to monitor the history of changes made to HARP Production measures by date, including the setting of default denominators, indicator suppressions, and indicator validation status updates.
Roster V1.0 enables users to generate de-identified patient rosters related to any HARP Production modules and measures, including individual indicator and / or denominator rosters. The generated de-identified rosters can be identified, if needed, using the Personify tool. Please note, after clicking the link access to the Roster tool requires a double login.

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