Benefit Options After Layoff/Termination

LSU HCSD Benefits Plan

What happens to my employee benefits when I leave LSU HCSD?

If you are terminating your employment or retiring from HCSD, either voluntarily or involuntarily, you may have the option to continue many of the benefits that you currently enjoy as an HCSD employee.  Each benefit and benefit administrator has its own rules, election timelines, and required forms and procedures, so please read the information on each benefit very carefully to ensure that you understand both your rights and the procedures you will need to follow to ensure a smooth transition.

Please make sure that your Human Resources department has a current mailing address and phone number on file for you before you terminate employment. Once your agency partners with private industry (no longer a state agency) Benefit related issues will be handled through HCSDA Human Recourses/Payroll/Benefits office.

The mailing address on file will be the address used to send all post-employment notifications, including your W-2.  If you need to change your mailing address and/or other personal data, please use the Address/Personal Data Change form (PDF).