Health - Flexible Spending Account (FSA, Both Health Care and Dependent Care) Boon Chapman - Phone #:  800.252.9653, Option 6

Terminating and retiring employees
Regardless of whether money remains in your account, your spending card will be turned off at the time your employment ends.

If your account has a positive balance, you will be notified in writing about your COBRA eligibility.  If you choose to maintain your FSA account through COBRA, you must continue to make after-tax contributions in order to keep the account active.  A COBRA FSA account is the only way you can be reimbursed for services received after the last day of your employment.

If you are not eligible for a COBRA FSA, or if you choose not to enroll, you may still submit claims for services received up to and including your last day of employment.  All claims must be received at Boon-Chapman no later than 60 days after your employment end date.