Life - Group Term Life Insurance - The Hartford - Policy #GL-395208

Retiring employees
You may continue your LSU group term life insurance coverage for the same premium rates as active employees; if you choose this option, you must complete a Universal Change Form and submit it to your local Human Resources department at the time of your retirement.

Click here to view Universal Change Form

Terminating employees
You may be able to port or convert the group life insurance policy that you have had through LSU without providing evidence of good health.  You should receive information in the mail shortly after your last day of employment.

For a more detailed discussion of what it means to port or convert your coverage, please refer to the Portability Conversion Comparison Guide:

Click here to view Portability Conversion Comparison Guide

For more information or to request a premium quote, please refer to this Port and Conversion document

Click here to view Port and Conversion document

To enroll in continuing life insurance coverage (to port or convert), please complete this Hartford Notice of Continuation of Coverage

Click here to view Hartford Notice of Continuation of Coverage

Please note that applications for continuing coverage MUST be submitted to The Hartford within 30 days of your last day of employment.  A portion of the application must be completed by your LSU employer, so please allow adequate time for processing.