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Lallie Kemp Regional Medical Center
Fiscal Year 2010


• 406 employees
• Total collections $43,731,696

Estimated economic impact

• $92,711,196  million in overall business activity


• 19 adult/pediatric staffed beds (including ICU)
• 0 psychiatric staffed beds
• 25 licensed beds
• 0 nursery bassinets
• 0 neonatal ICU staffed beds

Inpatient Admissions

• 1,148 adult/pediatric admissions
• 0 psychiatric admissions
• 0 neonatal ICU admissions
• 0 nursery admissions

Inpatient Days

• 4,352 adult pediatric inpatient days
• 0 psychaiatric inpatient days
• 0 neonatal ICU inpatient days
• 0 nursery inpatient days


• 77,141 outpatient encounters
• 25,044 emergency dept. encounters
• 41,698 outpatient clinic visits

Live Births

• 0 births

Residency Programs: 2 Medical Residents and Fellows

• Ophthalmology
• Cardiology

Nursing and Allied Health Training: 124 students

• LSU School of Medicine (Fellows)
• LSU School of Nursing – Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Practice, CRNA Students
• Northshore Technical College, Florida Parishes Campus – LPNs
• South Central Louisiana Technical College, River Parishes Campus – LPNs
• Northshore Technical College, Hammond Area Campus – LPN’s Nursing Assistants, EMTs, Patient Care Technicians
• Our Lady of the Lake College – Physician Assistant Program
• Acadian Ambulance National EMS Academy – EMTs
• Northshore EMS Academy – EMTs
• Southeastern Louisiana University – RNs & Nurse Practitioners
• Southwest Mississippi Community College - RNs
• Delta College – Allied Health
• University of South Alabama – Nurse Practitioners
• Southern University – Nurse Practitioners
• North Kentucky University – Respiratory Care & Radiology Technical Students
• Loyola University – Nurse Practitioners Students
• Virginia College – Coding


• Baton Rouge Regional Eye Bank
• Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA)
• Multi Practice Clinic
• Southern Eye Bank
• Tangipahoa Parish School System (Option 3 Program)
• MedVance Institute – Allied Health
• Compass Career College – Phlebotomy
• Ruth Cook’s School of Computers
• BMC Obstetrics Services
• Blind Services, Randolph Sheppard Vending
• American Cancer Society

geriatrics services program
The LSU Lallie Kemp Medical Center now offers geriatric services staffed by Dr. Asif Sheikh, a board-certified geriatrician.

“Geriatrics is focused on the special needs of patients 65 years old and older,” Dr. Sheikh said. “These patients are often on several medications that put them at risk of potentially dangerous drug interactions. Also, dementia and Alzheimer’s can begin to surface in this age group. Geriatricians are trained to recognize and to treat these diagnoses.”

The LSU Lallie Kemp Geriatric Services Program provides comprehensive care for this age group. Besides medical care, the geriatrics staff reviews the patient’s support system at home, transportation issues, meal preparation, home medical equipment, and other aspects of a person’s life that impacts quality of life.

“You have to look beyond their health problems and address other issues that affect their health and well being,” Dr. Sheikh said. “For example, if a person’s vision is affected, he may not be able to read medication bottles and take medicine appropriately.”

To meet the specific needs of the geriatric population, the Geriatric Services Program provides this broad approach to best serve the patient.

“Some issues can be quickly addressed, such as adjusting medications,” Dr. Sheikh said. “Others, such as Alzheimer’s, may require ongoing, long-term attention.”

Typical diagnoses seen in this population are dementia, delirium, osteoporosis (thin bones), fall and gait problems, malnutrition, dizziness, syncope (fainting), pressure ulcers, sleep problems, mood problems, polypharmacy (multiple medications), urinary incontinence (weak bladder), hearing loss, vision problems, and dysphagia (difficulty swallowing).

To schedule an appointment, call 985.878.1389 or 985.878.1459.