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Shining Star for January 2014

Sally Cox

Sally started working at Lallie Kemp as a contract worker in 2002 and then became a permanent member of the Lallie Kemp family in 2010. She is currently a ‘Pharmacy Technician’ in our pharmacy. Sally’s main responsibilities consist of maintaining the Pyxis medicine machines and purchasing for the department. She is glad to say that she is able to do this while being able to maintain stock levels while staying under budget.

When asked what she likes most about her job she stated, “I love what I do and the people that I work with, and also – the hours are great”. She likes the challenges that come with the purchasing aspect of her job, as she is always able to get things that have been backordered or shorted so that things are able to continue to run smoothly.

In her time off she enjoys 4-wheeling, boating, camping, fishing, and cooking with her husband of six years, Channing; they also enjoy trying out new restaurants. Her family also includes a new puppy, Remey Roux and her cat, Big Papa. Sally has a “big heart” and enjoys socializing with family and friends whenever she finds the time. One of her desires in the future is to learn to ride and perhaps own motorcycle, if she could get this past her father.

When asked about her reaction to being named “Shining Star” she said, “I was shocked!” with a big smile on her face. It obviously came as a big surprise. When you see Sally, please congratulate her on being “January’s Shining Star”!!