At Lallie Kemp our staff is dedicated to providing excellent service and exceptional care. Comments and suggestions are invaluable to us in our efforts to continually improve all that we do. If you want to pass on a compliment, or have a problem that cannot be resolved by your nurse or a staff member, please call our Patient Advocate at 985-878-1259.

If you would like to talk with a member of our Leadership Team, you are welcome to do so by calling 985-878-1330.

Chief Executive Officer
Lisa Bruhl, BSW, NFA, FABC

Medical Director
Matloob Rehman, MD

Nursing Director
Vicki M. Hirsch, RN, BSN

Chief Financial Officer
Chad T. Thompson, MBA, FABC

Quality Resources Director
Ed Jordan, RN, MN

Ancillary Services Director
Keith Hughes, BSMT, ASCP

Compliance and Privacy Officer
Becky Reeves, MSW, CHC

Human Resources Director
Jill Lavergene

Facilities Director
Brian Smith

Information Technology Director
Charles Tate


Lallie Kemp Regional Medical Center
52579 Hwy 51 South, Independence, LA 70443
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