Price Transparency


Costs for Common Procedures

Our goal is to provide meaningful and reliable information to help you understand prices in advance of your procedure. We have put together the top inpatient and outpatient procedure costs to give you an estimate of the expected pricing for commonly provided health care services.

Actual prices on your final bill may vary from this information based on the patient’s medical condition, unknown circumstances or complications, final diagnosis, and recommended treatment ordered by the attending physician(s). Please be advised that while the hospital attempts to estimate the prices of care as accurately as possible, there may be significant variations between the prices listed and the actual price reflected on your final bill.




Machine Readable File

The file at the link below contains Lallie Kemp Medical Center's standard charges (a list of prices for the numerous health products and services available at Lallie Kemp), which is posted in compliance with federal regulations.

If you have health insurance accepted at Lallie Kemp, we have negotiated prices with your health insurance company. Therefore, your particular health insurance policy will determine what your out-of-pocket costs will be for a given service. Similarly, Medicare and Medicaid pay set prices to Lallie Kemp for patients with these coverages.




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